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Expend for Administrators
Expend for Administrators

Managing your company account. Including managing users and cards, monitoring your account, and completing expenses as a user with the Administrator role

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Inviting a memberAdd users to your organisation by inviting them to join
User RolesThe three different user roles that affect what a user can see and do
Custom categoriesHow to create, edit and map categories
Custom tax typesHow to set up and manage custom tax types in Expend
Tracking for expensesCreate or import tracking categories and options and assign them to expense items
Company Payment MethodsSetting up company payment methods that members can use for their expenses
Mileage tracking setup
Team ManagementOrganise members of your organisation into teams and assign team reviewers to each team to better manage their expenses
Removing a memberHow to remove a member from your organisation
Making changes in your teamRemoving members, cancelling cards, inviting members, and ordering new cards (or replacement cards)
Creating a new organisationHow to create a new organisation alongside an existing one in the Expend web app
Setting up Document Scanner email submission for membersHow to give members of your company the ability to email invoices and receipts for automatic processing
Document Scanner email templatesSetting up email templates that will automatically fill in default values for expenses created via Document Scanner
Email forwarding rulesFind out how emails with invoices or receipts can be forwarded to Document Scanner automatically with email forwarding rules
Managing connected cards (Administrator)How you can use and manage your organisation’s business Visa debit or credit cards and expenses with Expend
BillingHow to pay for your Expend subscription and view your invoices
Direct Debit setup with multiple signatoriesHow to set up a Direct Debit when more than one person is required to authorise it
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)