Setting a spending policy

How to set a spending policy for an Expend Flex card

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For users with an Expend Flex card, the spending policy determines the amount of funds they will be able to spend using the card. Funds are taken directly from the company's float account.

To learn more about the ins and outs of spending policies, please see the following article: Spending policies

To set a user's spending policy:

  1. On the Expend dashboard, click Cards.

  2. Find the user whose spending policy you want to set, and click the Set Spending Policy button.

  3. Under Policy type, choose the spending policy – Unrestricted, Simple Allowance or Recurring Allowance (learn more about these types in Spending policies).

  4. If you selected Simple Allowance or Recurring Allowance, enter the amount in the Allowance of field.

  5. If you have selected Recurring Allowance, set the spending window – Day, Week, Work Week (Monday to Friday) or Month. The allowance you set in the previous step will become available at the start of this period.

  6. Optional: In the Policy expiry field, click the calendar button and select the last day that the policy will be in effect.

  7. Click Set Spending Policy.

You can change the policy type, allowance, spending window, or expiry date at any time by following the same steps.

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