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Learn about the two types of Expend card

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When you order an Expend card for someone that’s a member of your company, you can choose between two types of cards.

Expend Flex Card (Recommended)

The new gold standard for managing cardholder funds! You can set spending policies such as a single-amount allowance, a recurring daily/weekly/monthly amount, or unrestricted use, and you can change this any time you need to. There is no need to transfer money to the card.

Expend Classic Card

This is a traditional prepaid card – the tried and tested way to manage cardholder funds in Expend. An administrator can transfer money to the card from the company Expend account, and it immediately becomes available to the cardholder to pay for company expenses.

Choosing a card

When you order a card, you’ll be asked to make your choice between the two types of cards. If you choose an Expend Flex card, we’ll ask you to set an initial spending policy. We need this to be able to set up the card, but you will be able to change the spending policy at any point if you need to.

Switching from an Expend Classic Card to an Expend Flex Card

It is possible to convert an existing Expend card to an Expend Flex Card so you can use spending policies instead of transferring funds to the card. Please note:

  • This change is permanent cannot be reversed

  • Your card balance needs to be £0.00

To convert your card, do the following:

  1. On the web dashboard, click Cards.

  2. Find the card you want to convert, and click the button.

  3. Enter the full Card balance and click the − Return button.

  4. Click Convert.

  5. Select an initial policy type and set the allowance if applicable. You can also set a policy expiry date (optional).

  6. Click Convert.

The card will now be ready to use as an Expend Flex Card.

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