The Inbox: Explained

An introduction to the latest update to the Expend dashboard, incorporating the new inbox, document scanner and revised navigation

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A powerful update built to process expenses at scale: meet the all-new Expend Inbox, designed to help administrators and reviewers process expenses faster with the tool they know and love. Check out this demo video to learn more about what’s new. 👇

Goodbye Home page, hello to a sleek new modern design

The Inbox is packed with new features to streamline workflow and collaboration, and built to handle large volumes of data in a speedy manner. These new pages have been designed to make your workflow, whether working with expenses from Draft or in Review, more thorough. You can focus on the context you need – right when you need it – with the default view showing a list of items that require action.

An administrator or financial/team reviewer can use the buttons at the top of the page to switch between seeing their whole organisation’s expenses or just their own.

You’ll have access to the following:

  • My inbox – all of your own transactions, documents and expense claims across all states (Draft, Awaiting Review, and so forth).

  • Company inbox – same as the above, but across the company, according to your user role.

  • Open – all items that still require action or can still be edited, including Draft.

  • Submitted – expenses that are ready for review.

The options to sort and filter now sit below the inbox toggles:

  • Sort by upload or expense date

  • Filter by expense type (all users)

  • Filter by team and/or member (administrators and reviewers)

Improved Document Scanner

Drag and drop a receipt or invoice to be scanned by the platform. Faster than ever, the document scanner will now scan, digitise and itemise invoices and receipts from .pdf, .jpg and .png files in around 10 seconds, generating a Financial Document (FinDoc) which can be found either in the Inbox or on the Documents page, to then be associated to an expense

Expenses, as granular as you need them to be

The all-new, smart Expense form can handle all types of expenses. Whether you’re starting from a transaction or a document, we’ve got your workflow covered. You can split expenses into VAT deductible and non-deductible lines with the click of a button, to maximise the amount of tax your business can reclaim at the end of a financial year. Attach FinDocs to transactions within the expense form.

Real-time updates

The platform now makes every action immediate – you no longer need to refresh the page to see new items or changes. If the status of your expense is changed by a reviewer, or if an employee has just processed an expense, the app will update automatically.

New Sidebar Navigation

Redesigned to make Expend easier to explore and help you get the most out of Expend, quicker. You can view your Balance and Unpaid Claims balances at a glance, at all times. The sidebar provides better accessibility to features through a bird’s-eye view of workspaces, cards and payments, and settings. Note: The new navigation currently works across all new pages, but with previously existing pages, you will need to navigate back to the Inbox in order to navigate elsewhere.

Table layout for expenses, transactions and documents

The new table layout for your expenses, transactions and documents provides better visibility and accessible reporting. Every row represents an item and you can customise the elements that are visible: who the expense belongs to, when it was raised, what team the member is in, which project the expense is attributed to, and so forth. The columns are configurable, so you can choose which information you need to see on-screen. Click the column icon on the right, and from there you can select or hide a column, and then sort your selected columns.

You can also take direct action from the table such as opening expenses, associating documents to expenses, or exporting data.

Is something missing?

Okay - we lied. Some pages have been deprecated in the process, including the home page (which included News). Was this a mistake – will you miss these pages? Let us know!

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