Using your Expend card and app

How to use the Expend card and app for your expenses

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Here’s how to use your Expend card with the Expend app to capture transactions and record expense details.

Recording an expense

1.  Pay with your Expend card.

You’ll get a notification which you can tap to open the app and immediately start completing the expense report.

2.  Select the transaction.

When you open the app, the latest transaction will appear at the top of the Expenses screen. Tap the transaction to open a detailed view.

3.  Add a receipt.

Tap the + button in the middle of the screen to add a receipt. You can take a photo, attach a photo from your library, or attach a file.

  •  To take a photo, select Take Photo, tap the shutter button (or a volume button), and then tap Use Photo. If you’re not satisfied with the photo you took, tap Retake to take another. 

  • To attach a photo from your library, tap Photo Library, and then select the photo you want to attach. 

  • To attach another type of file, such as a PDF document, tap Attach File, tap Browse if prompted, and then select the file you want to attach.

4.  Enter details for the expense.

  • Tap Category and select an option from the list.

  • Tap Show More to make more details available.

  • Tap VAT and select the tax type. An option will be suggested for you based on the category you choose.

  • Tap any of the optional tracking fields to select a value.

  • (Optional) Tap Add Note and enter a note.

5.  Save your expense.

  • If your expense is ready to be reviewed, select the Ready for Review checkbox (you can still make changes if necessary).

  • Tap Save in the upper right corner the screen. Your expense details and attachments will be uploaded to Expend. If your company is connected to an accounting platform (Xero or QuickBooks), these details will be synchronised automatically (depending on your organisation’s sync settings).

Editing expense details

You can edit your expense details after it has been saved. Simply select the transaction again on the Expenses screen. You can edit the expense details and add additional attachments. Tap Save to update and synchronise the expense details.

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