Loading money to your account

Topping up your float account so that you can fund your organisation’s Expend cards

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Before money can be distributed to individual cards, you need to load money to the organisation’s main account – what we call the “float” account. This is where all the funds are held that can then be moved to individual Expend cards as needed.

What is the current balance?

The float account’s current balance is visible on the Cards page to users with the Administrator role, under Account in the Float Account Balance box.

You can also see the current combined balance on all your organisation’s Expend Classic cards (that is, cards to which money has been loaded) under Account in the Classic Card Balance box.

Topping up

You can load money to your Expend float account via bank transfer. You can find the details you need for doing the transfer on the dashboard.

  1. In the dashboard menu, click Cards.

  2. Click the Top Up Account button (at the top the page on the right). This will show you the account details.

Please note:

  • Before loading money for the first time after your application has been approved, please allow 1 day for your account to be set up. Your account will be ready the day after approval.

  • A Faster Payments transfer usually takes 2– 4 hours. However, it can take up to a maximum of 24 hours for the funds to arrive in your float account.

  • Please do not use SWIFT or CHAPS transfers, as they are currently not supported.

  • BACS transfers are supported.

  • Transfers are managed by our card provider, and if made during the working week, will show before End of Day. If made over the weekend, loads may only show on the next working day, i.e Monday – please take this into consideration when planning your account top-ups.

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