Team Management

Organise members of your organisation into teams and assign team reviewers to each team to better manage their expenses

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You can set up teams, assign any member of your organisation to a team, and also assign any member to review and approve the expenses submitted by a team’s members – another team or even the one that they themselves belong to. This means that a user doesn’t need the Admin or Financial Reviewer role in order to review expenses, as would normally be the case. Instead, expenses can now be reviewed and approved by a team reviewer.

Before you start

In order to set up and manage teams, you need the Admin role. Please watch our video explaining how to set up Team Management for business expenses.

Setting up your teams

In the Expend web app, click Settings and then click Team Management.

Inbox users

Open the sidebar menu, go to MANAGE, click Users, and select Teams.

  • This page is where you can create and manage teams, and assign members of your organisation to teams.

  • By default, users will be listed under “Not in a team”, and you can also move them back here if necessary.

  • You can use the “Filter by role” drop-down list at the top of the page, as we as the search field next to it, to find a specific user or group of users.

Adding a team

  • Click Create Team in the upper-right corner of the page, enter the name of your team, and confirm.

  • To change a team’s name, go to the team, click the ⚙ (team settings) button, change the name, and click Save.

Assigning users to a team

  • Go to the team and click the Add Member button on the right. Select the users to be added to the team, and confirm by clicking the button in the lower-right corner.
    Please note: A user can only belong to one team at a time.

Managing team members

  • You can move a user from their current team to any other team: Go to the target team, click Add Member, select the user (or users), and confirm.

  • To remove a user from a team, move them back under “Not in a team”. You can manage this list as if it’s also a team: Go to “Not in a team”, click Add Member, select the user (or users) to remove from their current teams, and confirm.

Team reviewers

A user doesn’t need to be a member of a team in order to be one of its team reviewers. A user can also be a reviewer for more than one team.

  • To set a Go to a team and click the ⚙ (team settings) button. Under “Team Reviewers”, select the user (or users) that should be able to review and approve expenses submitted by members of the team, and click Save.

  • To remove a team reviewer, start by following the same steps, but then click the next to the user’s name. Click Save.

Teams in practice

When a user belongs to a team, the team name is shown on any expenses they create while belonging to that team. This detail always remains in place for these expenses, meaning that if the user is removed from that team in the future, the expenses created while they were in the team still falls under that team’s expenses (but not any expenses they create going forward).

For team reviewers, the Review page becomes available, showing all the team’s expenses. They can then review and approve expenses, or reject or request changes, as necessary. This can also be done in the Expend mobile app.


What happens to a user’s expenses if I remove them from a team?

Any expenses submitted by a user within a team will remain allocated to that team, even if the user is then moved. Expenses are static, and will remain allocated to the team they were created in, whereas team members can be moved.

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