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Making changes in your team
Making changes in your team

Removing members, cancelling cards, inviting members, and ordering new cards (or replacement cards)

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Here is how to respond to changes in your organisation, when existing members leave, or new members join. 

A member of your organisation leaves

1. Cancel their card

See the following article: Cancelling an Expend card. You’ll need to remove any remaining funds, lock the card, and notify us to cancel the card. Notifying us is important, as the leaving team member has had the card in their hands and therefore in theory has had access to the card details. At this point, if you still have the physical card, cut it up and dispose of it.

2. Remove the member from organisation

Please contact our Customer Service team to let us know which member you need to remove from your organisation, and we can do this for you. You can simply send us a message on your Expend dashboard or using the in‑app chat.

A new member joins

1. Send them an invite

See the following article: Inviting a member. This tells you how to add someone to your organisation in Expend. If they need an Expend card, make sure that you assign the Member role in addition to any other roles.

2. Order a card for the new member

See the following article: Ordering an Expend card. You can only order a card once the person has accepted the invite and provided some required information. 

Replacing a card

See the following article: Replacing an Expend card. Ensure that you remove any remaining funds, lock the card, and notify us to cancel it. Once we’ve confirmed with you that the card has been cancelled, you can order a replacement card.

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