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Your Expend dashboard (Members)

Get to know the Expend web dashboard

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With the Expend dashboard, you can manage your expenses anywhere you have access to a web browser. Simply go to and log in with your Expend account details. From there, click the item in the menu on the left to open the corresponding page.

As a user with the Member role within your company, here is an overview of what you can do on the dashboard.


Search for anything

Expend is packed with functionality and we’d like to help you find exactly what page or function you need with a minimum of fuss. Simply enter what you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the page, and it will display suggestions as soon as you start typing. Click one of the options to go directly to the relevant part of the dashboard.


We also have a collection of shortcuts to useful functions, such as creating an expense claim, or creating cash report if you’ve withdrawn cash overseas. You can take advantage of these to skip a few steps when using the dashboard.

Expend Assistant

We’d like to help you stay organised and on top of your expenses, so we also have your personal Expend Assistant with suggestions of what to do next. Simply click an item to get started.


This page shows the Expend card that your company has provided to you. Take note of the following:

  • The amount under Available to spend tells you how much is currently available – you won't be able to exceed this amount. Depending on the spending policy set for your card, the amount may reset at the start of the day or week. But note that it also depends on the funds available to your company as a whole (in the company “float” account). 

  • Click the settings wheel icon to access the Card Security Settings page where can control some of the types of transactions your card can be used for, as well as lock/unlock your card. For more details, see Card security.

My Expenses

This is where you can add and manage expense claims and mileage claims, and report cash expenses. When you pay for a transaction using your Expend card, an expense will automatically be created and added here, and you can then complete the expense report for it.

Notice the filters at the top of the page – you can use these to help you find a specific item. Click one of the fields and select an option, or start typing to find a specific option.


Go to this page if you need to accept an invite, edit your profile and personal details, add or edit vehicles that you use for mileage claims, and – if you like – recommend Expend to someone who you think may find it useful.


You can export your expenses and view the following reports:

  • Expense claims owed to me: A report of all your expense claims that have been approved but not yet been marked as reimbursed to you 

  • Your mileage summary: A report of your personal mileage claims


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