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How to manage how Expend cards can be used for payments

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Expend takes card fraud and fraud prevention seriously, and we give administrators the tools to specify the ways each Expend card in their company can be used. You can turn individual card facilities on and off to ensure that cards can only be used according to your company’s requirements.

You can turn the following on or off:

  • The card’s magnetic stripe, used for swipe transactions (turned off by default – read more below)

  • Contactless transactions

  • Online transactions – making payments on the Internet

  • ATM cash withdrawals

You can also lock the card to stop it from being used for any payment transactions.

Changing card security settings

On the dashboard

To manage a card’s security settings, do the following:

  1. On the dashboard, click Cards.

  2. Find the card you want to manage, and click the ⚙ (Card Security Settings) button on the right.

  3. Turn the required settings on or off.

  4. Click the Close button when you are done.

Changes are applied immediately.

Beta users

In the sidebar menu on the left, go to Cards & Payments and click Expend Cards.

In the mobile app

You can change some of your own card’s security settings in the Expend app, and view all current settings. To manage your card security settings:

  1. Go to the Cards screen and select your card.

  2. Turn the required settings on or off.

Some settings cannot be changed in the app. These can be changed by a user with the Admin role on the dashboard.

More about the magstripe

A card’s magnetic stripe can be cloned and the cloned card used for swipe transactions. If the magnetic stripe setting is turned off, it shouldn’t be possible to use a card that was cloned from the original.

Since it is relatively easy to clone a card in this way, the card magnetic stripe is turned off by default. It can be turned on when a cardholder needs to pay for something with a swipe transaction. The magstripe will remain on for 24 hours at a time, after which it will automatically be turned off again. However, we recommend that you turn it off again as soon as the swipe transaction has been performed.

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