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Online transactions with your Expend card
Online transactions with your Expend card

How to make sure that you can make payments on the internet with your Expend card, and what to do if all online transactions are failing

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Expend cards have a security and fraud prevention feature where you can turn off certain types of transactions. The option to making purchases on the internet is turned off by default. As the cardholder, you can turn it on yourself, or your administrator can do it on your behalf.

If you regularly use your Expend card for online transactions and one unexpectedly fails, first make sure that you have entered all the correct card details (your name, card number, expiration date, security code, and address).

But if one of the following applies to you, please ensure that the Online Transactions setting is turned on:

  • you try to make a payment online and enter all the correct details, but it’s still unsuccessful, or

  • you received a new Expend card and need to use it for payments on the internet

On the Expend dashboard

  1. Click Cards.

  2. Go to the card and click the ⚙ (Card Security Settings) button on the right.

  3. For Online transactions, click the switch so that it is ON.

  4. Click the Close button when you are done.

In the Expend mobile app

  1. Tap Cards and select your card.

  2. Tap Manage.

  3. For Online transactions, tap the switch so that it is ON.

If the setting is on but you are still experiencing problems, get in touch with our support team by clicking the chat button in the lower-right corner on the dashboard, or via the in-app chat.

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