Exporting your expenses (Member)

How to export records of your expenses and receipts

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You can export records of all your expenses for a specified period from the Expend dashboard. The records are exported to a CSV file. You can also choose to have all receipts and any other files you attached to expenses exported at the same time.

What is exported

As a user with the Member role, only records of expenses that you submitted yourself are exported.

If you are a member of more than one organisation

Expenses are exported for the company that is currently active on the dashboard. The current company is shown in the upper right. To change companies, click the current company's name and select another company from the pop-up list.

Exporting expenses

  1. Members of multiple companies: Ensure that the company for which you want to export expenses is selected in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

  2. In the dashboard menu, click Reporting and then click Exports.

  3. Go to the Expenses section.

  4. Select the type of expenses to include by turning the switches on or off.

  5. Select a date range. All expenses between and including these dates will be exported.

  6. Select the Format:
    - Default (CSV) to only export records of the expenses to a CSV file, or
    - Expenses & Receipts (ZIP) to export the CSV as well as all attachments.

  7. In the Expenses section, click Download.

Note about the file format

Each record appended with links to the documents attached. If an expense record has more than one attachment, they are separated by commas. This means that each will appear in a separate column when imported into a spreadsheet application.

For more details, also see CSV export formats.

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