Card Safety FAQs
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Will Expend ever contact me regarding my card?

If necessary, Expend will contact you by email to either ask for confirmation on certain payments or to inform you that your card needs to be replaced.

Please note that Expend will never contact you asking for confirmation codes or passcodes, or regarding blocked payments on a card that require a code to release. If you are asked for anything like this, it is almost certainly a scam.

Expend will never ask for:

  • The CVC/CCV number (last 3 digits on the back of a card)

  • Your full 16-digit card number

  • Any confirmation code or one-time passcodes you receive, including those sent by Mastercard / 3D Secure.​

Sharing of these details will make your card liable for misuse.

Will Expend ever call or text me regarding my card?

If you receive any such calls or text messages, particularly ones asking for you to ‘confirm passcodes’ or other sensitive details, lock your card via the mobile app or web app and contact Expend. Do not disclose any personal information, passcodes or financial information over the phone or via text message.

No. Expend will never call or text you regarding card details or purchases.

Please be aware that scammers can easily mimic a telephone number to make it look like they are calling or texting you from a legitimate company, including Expend.

A common scam involves a fraudster making contact with the premise of ‘confirming a transaction’ or discussing some ‘unusual activity on your account’. However, they seek to extract sensitive information from you, which can include passcodes and 3-digit CCVs, in an attempt to complete fraudulent transactions on your card.

If you have any doubt or concern, contact Expend directly in your mobile app or from the Expend web app.

We recommend you regularly read advice on how to protect yourself from scams. A recommended website providing guidance on how to protect yourself from scams is

I see transactions I don’t recognise in my app. What should I do?

Firstly, lock your card, which can be done via either the mobile app or web app. Then contact Expend via the in-app chat to report these transactions.

Expend may need to replace your card, but it’s always a good idea to check with your colleagues that no one has used your card without your knowledge before a replacement is ordered.

If you are sure that the unrecognised transactions were not done by you or a colleague, they can be disputed through our card provider.

I’ve lost my card, but most of my payments are direct debits. Must I replace my card?

Yes. Report your card as lost or stolen to your account administrator. They will be able to issue a replacement from the Expend web app.

My card was stolen, and funds were spent. How do I get the money back?

The most important thing is to lock the card so no more money can be spent. You can do this via your mobile app, or your administrator can do this for you via the web app.

If the card was stolen, you will need to file a police report. Once a report has been filed, we can open a dispute with our card provider, including the report case number.

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