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Create an expense report from a card transaction (BETA)
Create an expense report from a card transaction (BETA)

How to create expense reports from your Expend card or connected card transactions using the new Inbox feature

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When you pay with your Expend card or connected card, a new item appears in your Inbox (showing Transaction and Not Expensed). With all the transaction details already captured by Expend, it’s simply a matter of clicking this Inbox item to create an expense.

On the web dashboard

  1. Click the transaction in the Inbox.

  2. Upload the receipt using the Upload new documents box. If you’ve previously uploaded the receipt, you can select it from the list below. You can also upload further documents as attachments if necessary.

  3. Check the details captured from the receipt. Most importantly, check that the Tax Amount is correct – you can edit it if needed.

  4. Create the expense’s line items by choosing a format: Simplified or Detailed. Click the button to learn more.

    • Simplified will split the totals into taxable and non-taxable line items.

    • Detailed extracts the document lines and descriptions, and calculates the tax split. (If you need a separate line for each item on the receipt, this is the option to choose.)

    • If you want to make changes to the amount, tax amount, or line item format, click the lock item in either of the amount fields.

  5. Edit the line items: Specify the category and tax type (if needed), and optionally provide additional details such as tracking information and a note.

    • Click Tracking groups to show or hide the relevant tracking groups on the line item editor.

    • Click Table view to open and edit the line items in a tabular format. Click Save when you are finished.

    • In the table view, click the ⿲ button on the right to select which tracking groups to show.

  6. If the transaction included items from different categories or for different clients or projects, you can split the expense into multiple lines: Click Add Split and edit the amount and other details for each line. To remove items, click the 🅧 button.

  7. Click Save or Save + Submit. You're expense report is now ready.

You can also create an expense report directly from a receipt or invoice that you have uploaded or emailed to Expend. When the document arrives in Expend, a new item appears in your Inbox (showing Financial Document and Not Expensed).

Note: We call this a “financial document” as it contains details such as the supplier, amount, items purchased, and tax.

  1. Find and click the financial document in the Inbox.

  2. Select the payment method. If you used an Expend card or connected card, select the transaction from the dropdown list.

  3. Ensure that the tax amount is correct. If you need to make changes, click the lock icon in either of the amount fields.

  4. To complete your expense, follow the same steps as above, from step 4.

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