Reviewing expenses in the Inbox (BETA)

How to review expenses in the Inbox

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Before you start:

You need the Administrator or Financial Reviewer role, or be a Team Reviewer, to review and approve expenses.

  1. At the top of the Inbox, click Review. This shows all items that have been submitted for review.

  2. Click the item in the Inbox that you want to review. You can make changes, approve instantly, or access further review options.

  3. Choose your next step by clicking one of the buttons at the top of the page.
    From the right:

    • Review: This gives you the options to Approve, Reject, Request Changes, or Leave a comment. Select the outcome, optionally add a comment, and click the button in the bottom right corner to confirm.

    • Approve: Instantly approve the expense and move to the next one in the list.

    • Edit: Make changes to the expense if necessary. For more information about how to edit an expense in the Inbox, see Create an expense report from a card transaction. Click Save when you are done.

Note the following on the page:

  • You can choose between My Inbox and Company Inbox at the top of the Inbox area to focus on only your items or see everyone’s items.

  • Click Open to see draft expenses (not yet submitted for review) – as an Administrator or Financial Reviewer, you can edit and approve these if needed.

  • Click Completed to see items that have already been reviewed; click All to see both reviewed and draft items.

  • You can search for specific items by using the Search box.

  • The Sort and Filter buttons can help you organise the list according to your requirements.

For more general information on reviewing expenses, see Reviewing expenses. Note, however, that there are differences between workflow described there and using the Inbox for review.

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