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Repayments for unauthorised expenses
Repayments for unauthorised expenses

What to do when an Expend card has been used for a non-business transaction

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It may happen that an Expend card is used by you or a member of your company to pay for something personal or something not related to the business. It may have been a simple mistake – tapping the wrong card or not realising that it wasn’t an expense that the company could be expected to pay for. In any case, the procedure to resolve it is straightforward:

  1. Ask the user to submit the expense for approval. See Submitting an expense for review.

  2. During review, mark the expense as Rejected. See Reviewing expenses.
    If you use the Expend integration with Xero or QuickBooks, the transaction is moved to the Rejected Expenses control account.

  3. Ask the user to speak to your company’s Expend Card administrator to agree how the amounts will be repaid.

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