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Split an expense

How to split an expense into multiple line items

Updated over a week ago

If you pay for a purchase using your Expend card and the items belong to different categories or projects, you can create separate lines for these. Each can have a different category and tax type. In this way, the expense is “split” into multiple items/lines.

To split an expense, do the following:

in the web app

  1. In the menu on the left, click My Expenses, and then select the expense.

  2. Click Complete This Expense, or click Edit if you've already entered some details.

  3. Click Add Split (below any existing items), then enter the amount, select the category and tax type, and optionally provide additional details such as tracking information and a note.

  4. Click Save.

Inbox users

  1. Go to your Inbox or the Expenses page and open the expense.

  2. Underneath the existing line items, click Add split.

  3. Enter the necessary details and click Save.

If you are editing an expense created from a card transaction, ensure that the total amount expensed matches the transaction total. If it doesn't, we will show you an "Out by" amount at the bottom.

You can also amend these items as required. To delete an item, open the expense and click Edit. Go to the item you want to remove and click the 🅧 button. Click Save when you are finished editing.

In the Expend mobile app

  1. Tap the expense to open it.

  2. Below the existing line items, tap Add Split.

  3. Enter the necessary details and tap Save item.

  4. Tap Save.

To delete a line item, open the expense, tap the line item, tap Delete item, and then tap Save.

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