Inviting a member

Add users to your organisation by inviting them to join

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Once you’ve set up your organisation in Expend, you can start inviting others to use it. They need to accept the invite and become members in order to use Expend. Once someone has joined, you can order them an Expend card.

To invite someone, you need the following:

  • their email address

  • the role(s) that should be assigned to them in Expend

Inviting members to your organisation

  1. In the dashboard menu, click Settings and then click Members.

  2. Click + Invite Members in the upper-right corner.

  3. Enter one or more email addresses. Type a comma or space, or press Enter after each email address to add it to the list. You can enter up to 50 email addresses.

  4. Select one or more roles for the invitees.
    Roles – please note: Any person that needs an Expend card must be assigned the Member role. An administrator that also needs a card must be assigned both the Administrator and the Member role.

  5. Click the Invite members button. The prospective members will get an email with instructions on what to do next.

Invites are valid for two weeks, after which they expire and are cleared from the list on the invites list on the dashboard after a week.

Once someone has accepted the invite, they appear in the list of members.

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