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Personal Payment Methods

Setting up external payment methods that you use for your expenses

Updated over a week ago

If you frequently use a personal payment card or bank account to pay for company expenses, you can a define an external (non-Expend card) payment method that you specify when creating your expenses.

Adding a personal payment method

  1. In the dashboard menu on the left, click Me

  2. Click Payment Methods

  3. Click Add Payment Method in the upper right corner. 

  4. Choose the payment type (Bank Account or Card), enter the account/card details, and optionally enter a nickname to help you identify the payment method. 

  5. Click Save.

Editing a personal payment method

You can edit the nickname or delete the payment method.

  1. In the dashboard menu on the left, click Me and then click Payment Methods

  2. Find the payment method and click Manage

  3. To edit, make the necessary changes and click Save.
    To delete, click the Delete button.

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