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Submitting documents by email for scanning
Submitting documents by email for scanning

How you can email invoices and receipts for automatic processing

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You can email invoices and receipts for automatic processing. Our Document Scanner will extract the relevant details from the document using text recognition, and you can then create an expense claim, invoice or cash report in just a few steps.

Depending on your organisation’s setup, there may be different email address available for this:

  • A personal email address, with your name before the @ symbol. If it has been enabled, you’ll see this email address on the web dashboard on the My Expenses page, inside the Document Scanner area. (Administrators: find details here.)

  • Addresses for Document Scanner email templates. These templates contain default values for specific fields. Expenses created when you send documents to one of these email addresses automatically contain those values.
    (Administrators: find details here.)

To submit a document by email:

  1. Send documents to the required email address for processing. We'll look for invoices in the attachments as well as the body of the email.

  2. After emailing the document, go to your My Expenses page to check on its progress.

When we've finished processing the document, you will find it under your expenses (on the My Expenses page) as a Bill.

Please note:

  • Any documents submitted for scanning is created as a Bill by default.

  • You can change it from a Bill to another type of expense if necessary – please see below.

  • Currently, you cannot submit a document and then associate it with an existing expense report. Instead, you should go to that expense and upload it there.

To change a Bill to another type of expense, do the following:

  1. Click the expense to open it.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Under Details, go to Payment method.

  4. Change the payment method. For example:
    - select Own Funds (or a personal payment method) to make it an Expense Claim
    - select Expend Card Cash to make it a Cash Report
    - select a company bank account or card to make it a Company Expense

  5. Make any other changes that are necessary, and then click Save.

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