Using your Expend card safely abroad
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You can use your Expend card around the world – anywhere that Mastercard is accepted – to make purchases and withdraw money.

Anywhere you see the contactless symbol at checkout you can simply tap to pay. If you don't see the symbol, your contactless-enabled card can still be used by inserting your chip card or swiping at checkout and entering your PIN.

When paying with your card abroad, we recommend that you use Chip and PIN as far as possible; this is the most secure way of paying.

To ensure that you use your card securely when withdrawing money abroad, use a cashpoint that displays at least one of the Mastercard brand marks: Mastercard, Maestro or Cirrus.

Finding an ATM

  • To find a suitable cashpoint close to where you are, you can use the Mastercard ATM Locator.

  • Mastercard also provides a page with ATM safety tips – we think it’s never a bad idea to brush up on basic cash machine safety.

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