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This expense wasn't synced as it happened before your sync start date
This expense wasn't synced as it happened before your sync start date
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This item couldn’t be synchronised because the date is earlier than the date from which to synchronised expenses that specified in your configuration.

To check the date that has been configured, go to the Expend dashboard, click Integrations, select your accounting provider, scroll down the page to Advanced Settings, and look under Sync expenses from specific date.

If you want to change this date, simply enter a new date and click Save at the bottom of the page. However, please note that this change may also affect items you didn’t want to be synchronised.

You can also change the date on the expense itself. To do this, click My Expenses, select the item, click Edit, change the date, and click Save. If the expense has already been reviewed (approved or rejected), you won’t be able to edit it, but you can request changes to be made. To request changes, click Review in the dashboard menu, select the item, click the Review button on the expense, and then click Request Changes – you or the user who submitted the expense will then be able to change the date.

After making the necessary changes, find the item on the Syncing Errors page and click Sync to synchronise it again.

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