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Xero sync errors caused by invalid tax types
Xero sync errors caused by invalid tax types

How to fix problems caused by sync errors for expenses where an invalid tax type was selected

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If you find yourself on this page, a member our support team may have told you that one of your expenses is returning the TaxTypeNotMappedException sync error, or another similar error.

In most cases, what will have happened is that an expense item has had an income tax type selected, such as “20% (VAT on Income)”. Since this does not belong on an expense, the system will return a sync error.

In rare cases, it may also interfere with your Xero integration, causing it to show “Incomplete Configuration” and preventing other expenses from syncing.

Here is how to fix the problem:

1. Change the tax type on the expense

The issue will most likely be with an approved expense, and therefore you will need to request changes, choose a valid tax type, and re-approve the expense.

As an Admin user, Financial Reviewer or Team Reviewer, do the following:

  1. Go to the Review page, and find and select the affected expense.

  2. Click the Review button on the top right.

  3. Select the “Request Changes” option, and click the Request Changes button to confirm.

  4. Find and select the expense again, and click Edit.

  5. Go to the affected item, select a valid tax type, and click Save.

  6. With the expense still selected, click Approve.

The expense will now sync with the valid tax type.

2. If necessary, reactivate your Xero integration

The following is only needed if your Xero Integration page is showing “Incomplete Configuration” and other expenses are also not syncing.

As an Admin user or Financial Reviewer, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Xero.

  2. Ensure that all required fields are filled in.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

The box at top of the page should go back to showing “Healthy”, and expenses should sync again (according to your sync settings).

If you still experience problems after following these steps, please get back in touch with our support team.

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