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Dealing with integration and synchronisation issues
Dealing with integration and synchronisation issues

How to view and address errors that may occur when synchronising with your accounting provider

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From time to time, Expend may encounter an error when synchronising with your accounting provider. You can check the current synchronisation status of your expenses and fix most errors yourself.

To see the current synchronisation status:

  • Click the View Sync Status button on any expense item in My Expenses.

  • If an error is shown, please consult the help article that is linked for an explanation and, where possible, guidance on what you can do to address the error.

  • You can retry synchronisation by clicking the Sync button on the expense.

Please note: The accounting providers we integrate with impose a limit on the number of synchronisation attempts that can be made within a 60-second as well as a 24-hour period. Overuse of the Sync button makes it more likely that this limit will be reached. Once that happens, no further synchronisation will happen for the period and the only option is to wait for the accounting provider to allow it again. So please use it judiciously!

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