In June 2020 we migrated to a new type of card. Expend organisations that had been set up with Expend cards previously received new cards for existing cardholders. New organisations from 23 June 2020 all received the new cards by default.

There are some organisations that haven’t moved to the new cards and are still using the old type of card. The following applies to these organisations.

If you aren't sure what type of card you are using, please get in touch with our support team by clicking the chat button in the lower-right corner on the dashboard, or via the in-app chat, and we will gladly check for you.

Expend Prepaid Mastercard® Fee & Limits Schedule

Overview of Terms

  • There are no tie-ins and no minimum subscription period to the Expend service. Users can cancel anytime within their trial period. If you cancel after your trial period then you are required to give 1 months notice from your billing date.

  • Your subscription/trial start date will begin from the day you register your Expend account.

  • Where possible, subscription and card usage fees will be charged against the customer’s Direct Debit or Credit Card. These are the payment forms used to pay for the Expend service and not the Expend prepaid debit card we provide to customers.

  • Users are asked to submit payment details within their trial period. If payment details are not provided by the end of the free trial and the user has not cancelled their subscription, the subscription fees may be taken from any Expend account credit. If the user has no available credit to fulfil owed fees, the service may be cancelled at Expend’s discretion.

  • In the event of non-payment of the Expend fees, the company has full discretion to suspend usage of the card and users access to the software. Outstanding fees may be charged against any credit the user’s account has.

  • There is a £5 charge for replacement cards and to re-issue cards.

  • When outside of a trial period, there is a customer funds refund fee of £15.

  • All prices listed are exclusive of VAT.

  • Users are subject to the above terms, the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy provided on our website.

  • Terms & conditions apply. Terms are subject to change. These can be found at

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