If a member is leaving your organisation, follow these steps to remove their access. All of this can be done on your Expend dashboard if you have the Administrator role.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of the process, the member’s Expend card will be closed.


1.  Remove any remaining balance from their Expend card

If the member has a Classic Card, which holds a balance, you first need to ensure that the card’s balance is 0.00 by moving any funds to the float account.

  1. In the dashboard menu, click Cards.

  2. Find the member’s card and click the (minus) button.

  3. Enter the remaining card balance in Amount.

  4. Click Return. The balance is transferred from the card back to your organisation’s float account.

2.  Archive the member

  1. Click Settings > Team Management.

  2. Click Members in the upper-left corner of the page.

  3. Find the member and click Manage on the right.

  4. Click Archive Member.

  5. Review the details that are shown and confirm.

If you encounter any issues that stop you from completing this procedure, please contact our support team via the in-app chat, or on the dashboard by clicking the chat button in the lower right corner.

What next?

When the member that has been removed logs in, they will no longer have access to their transactions, expenses, or any other details related to the Expend card provided to them by your organisation.

Reactivating an archived member

If you subsequently need to give back access to a member that has been archived, please contact our support team with details.

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